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I made a mistake in my order information

Please contact our customer support as soon as possible via the live chat or by email.

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I want to adjust my order

For order adjustment, please contact our customer support as soon as possible via the live chat or by email.

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My Drone is not starting

Please make sure you have fully charged the battery and that your phone is correctly connected to the DroneX.

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I still have not received my order

Please check the status of your package using your tracking number here

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Where do I find my package tracking number?

Your package tracking number is emailed to you once the product is shipped.

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Can I pay via bank transfer?

We currently only accept bank transfer orders with a minimum amount of 50 drones.

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The currency on the invoice is not my local currency

Your credit card will be charged in EUR or USD depending on your Country.

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Our customer support is available primarily in English. However, it is most likely there is someone on our team that can speak your native language and we try our best to enhance your customer experience with us.

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Client’s Testimonials

Very quick and easy. You get a super clear answer and you know you can trust the process. I made a mistake in my order and they correct it on the spot, I received an email few minute later with the confirmation.


Andre, Germany

My biggest problem was that drone arrived on Friday. I had to contact support but they didnt work on weekends, but I manged to get started. It worries me that the propellers have no guards but so far they have been okay. The picture quality on this is pretty low… which for me is okay. I didn’t buy this to take high-quality nature pictures so… It’s decently easy to fly… especially with the app. The wi-fi works BETTER THAN EXPECTED and I am very impressed with how it connects to my phone.


Marko – UK

So fun to play with!! Its easy to carry and small but perfect. I love the different buttons to fully control the drone. Also, this drone does have a clear camera on it for pictures and video! It’s crazy how much this drone can do. It is strong enough to take a hit. I was surprised how much I smash it against walls or the ground, but it is still good! Great drone to have!


Christine, Netherlands

This Quadcopter my third purchase of a quadcopter that is, is by far the best of all 3. I originally bought my first one for the neighbors kid. Then I bought one for myself when I saw how cool the first one was. This one is for my kiddo’s because I really enjoyed the second. I like how robust this one is and its options are modern day. The 2.4ghz works with my Google Pixel phone to control the drone via app. This is also a small model, but looks great and is easier to fly than others. I believe it is highly worth it and I recommend this to anyone looking for a beginner model drone.


Leeann, UK